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ActiveEngine Software: Web Applications for mobile workforces.


You have found the technologies that will amplify your productivity and accountability.

Create a library of solutions that can help your business be adjusted to meet your new challenges.

You can build this tool kit of applications that are web enabled, capable of SMS text approvals, mobile ready, easy to use, easy to tailor to your business process, and let you focus on your most pressing issues by amplifying your productivity, not hindering you with complexity.

Suite of capabilities:

  • Enforce consistency with tasks lists
  • Assign tasks to locations, not people
  • Complete your work with your phone
  • Connect from anywhere, login less
  • Master scheduling of service vendors
  • Conquer scheduling nightmares
  • Always know who will do what when, and WHERE
  • Collaborate with little training for software.
  • Geo-location Enabled Applications

  • Add the dimension of location aware applications to your capabilities. Reduce management complexity by assign activities to place, not people. Perfect for existing web applications for real estate and field service industries, and ready to run on all mobile platforms.
  • Text Messaging (SMS) For Web Applications

  • Text messaging can quickly replace email and other mechanisms for getting feedback. With Twillio, ActiveEngine software can enable your software to use SMS for notifications, approvals, secure sign and user registration.
  • Accomplish More With Workflow

  • ActiveEngine Software can build solutions that will give more control over critical events, reduce communication time, improve accountability and drive increased value. ApprovaFlow is a workflow framework that is simple. If you can make a list, you can make a workflow.
ActiveEngine Software by ActiveEngine, LLC.