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About: What makes ActiveEngine Software Tick?



What is ActiveEngine?

ActiveEngine is a concept David coined for his blog that covered productivity, software development, critical thinking and management philosophy. Essentially an ActiveEngine is productive state of mind that solves problems and builds software by removing the barriers of “process management”, mis-communication, and unclear thinking. Technique, technology, and tactics are the keys to reach true productivity. Synthesizing clear thought and bold action can produce great software.


Solves problems with technology that fits your flow productivity. The goal is to have you forget that you are using the software – it’s just a natural part of your work day, like writing or speaking on the phone.



David Robbins, Principal


As a software developer for over 20 years, David has created products for automotive, REIT, and banking industries. ActiveEngine Software is the culmination of his technical expertise and the experience and research he conducted with his user communities over his two decade career. During this period he has come the realization that problems should be solved that support the business ventures, and that technology should remain invisible.

Build the strength to take bold action, not the stength to endure suffering .

ActiveEngine Software by ActiveEngine, LLC.