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ItsAboutLocation : Assign Tasks to a Location




Scheduling resources comprised of remote teams or field service groups is a daunting task for a management team. The excellent resource plan that has been crafted is quickly scuttled once some can not show and complete critical work.

Proposition and Solution:

Assign tasks to a location, not to a person. Sounds crazy? Well consider a few factors: most people have cell phones, many have smart phones; a phone is easy to use, with little training; and finally, phones uniquely identify people. ItsAboutLocation will allow you to assign To Do List’s, tasks, surveys, and site inspection approvals to a location. When a stand in shows up to that location, have her text your apps SMS number, then they’ll be directed to that sites actions items.

Time for a quick video. In the scenario display below, a survey application is demonstrated:

Take the next step:

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