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Document a process and mapping that analysis into a workflow, then translating that workflow to working software that is easy to use can be a hugely expensive and ugly process. Just looking at the jargon and the charts that this adventure produces can be a scary proposition

Proposition and Solution:

Organize tasks into orchestrated events by making two lists: a list of steps you want repeated; and a list of events that move your process from step 2 to step 5, from step 2 to step seven. Record who, what, when and where these activities take place.

Getting people to respond is very easy, as ApprovaFlow can send a request for an approval via SMS / Text message, and in turn process the answer sent back via SMS. That’s right, no need to login, just respond to the text message.

Best illustration is with video, but before you view it here is the scenario: the application in question is an approval system for payment of bonus for a sales team:

Take the next step:

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