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TimeView: Search Enabled Calendars

Calendar Demo


Working projects or just seeing what someone has in the pipeline can escalate from a routine question into a full blown fire drill.  Even if your team members keep their calendars current, how can you compare your team’s work load, let alone project what lays ahead?


ActiveEngineSoftware can build Google style search and database filtering for calendars in the web applications.   With one text box you can search pertinent items such as team member, project name, tasks and status, and display the results in a calendar view.  ”Quick Search” provides that simple, Google search style capability – one box just type, and view the results.

Extended Capabilities

There are scenarios where search results brings you too much information.  Traditional filtering tools have generally not reached the appropriate audience as they tend to be very techies, with the misuse of funnels and other icons that are just out right confusing.  Training busy people to perform queries is difficult as well.  Why not use English sentences like this filter depicted below:

english filters

If you have data residing in other systems, queries can be extended to include these records as well.  ActiveEngineSoftware specializes in server based libraries that can provide Google style filtering to C# collections, or datasets resulting from SQL Server stored procedures.  More details are featured in this series of blog posts.

Try It Out Yourself

This demonstration will give a clearer picture of the type of capability that you can add to your applications.  This calendar has over 300 entries, with a bulk of entries in the months of October, November 2014.  Hovering over the calendar entries will display further detail.  ”Quick Search” will filter the calendar by typing then hitting enter.  To clear the filter, clear the search box and hit enter again to clear.  Note that calendar is full screen, so some entries may appear below the fold in weeks 4 and 5 of the month.  ”Project Filter” will allow you to choose a project and or team members.

This solution is mobile responsive and will fit nicely into a tablet or even smart phone browser display.  The calendar itself is the fantastic fullCalendar jQuery plugin.

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