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Web Applications

Web applications are an effective means for rapidly delivering solutions to your customers, for your corporation, or for your social network.  Selecting the appropriate architecture, correct tools, and delivery mechanisms are critical to your success.  ActiveEngine Software can provide services with:

  • ASP.Net – WebForms, MVC, NancyFX
  • jQuery and rich UI / UX architecture
  • HTML 5
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • RavenDB – NoSQL

ActiveEngine offers more than just technology: rather; ActiveEngine can be viewed as a philosophy that closely involves stakeholders and technologists to create new solutions.  It is not dogmatic in it’s approach: rather, it is a fluent mixture of technical know how, passion for excellence, and the gift of enabling others to do good things.  Many of these exploits are detailed in these blog posts:


Document Database Architecture

NoSQL_DatamodelIncreasingly, developers for looked to improve delivery of content and a key component of better application performance is the speed with which the data is fetched from storage.  Scaling with hardware can help, but many times this is not enough.

Document Databases are a relatively new technology that take a different approach to storing data.  This new data architecture can provide phenomenal speed for data intensive web applications, but this new paradigm offers new challenges of concurrency and accuracy.

ActiveEngine Software can provide solutions using RavenDB and Firebase, and create applications that respond to you growing demands.  Application design and training can be provided.

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SMS Enabled Applications

Photo-5_22_13-10.55.45-AM-2Texting is not just for social occasions.  Instead, you should view it as a way to get front and center when the situation requires acute attention, and this is applicable to either your customer base or your workforce.  Using Twilio, a framework that provides telephony, SMS, call routing and other communication services, we b applications can connect directly to an audience.  This means enterprise and legacy applications as well.

ActiveEngine Software has created API’s that use Twilio to provide superior capabilties with respects to workflow approvals, threaded conversations, application security and system monitoring.  This removes the excuse that action can not be taken because a laptop or computer is not present.

Coupled with other capabilities such as geo-location, unique tools can be quickly created to make people more productive.

Workflow With ApprovaFlow

approvaflow people 82567110Business process and orchestrating busy schedules is a must for all businesses.  Yet, most processes run amok when convoluted workflow solutions are applied.  Let’s face it, most people can work with lists.  Ask someone what they do during the day and the explanation is in fact of list activities where the progression from activity to activity is governed by a trigger.

ActiveEngine Software can assist you with organizing complex tasks into a manageable orchestration of people and process.  Using ApprovaFlow as the “active engine” for your business processes, you can quickly build applications that relay “ball in court” responsibility, team collaboration amongst remote team members.

Solution developers and web application programmers can use these tools with current web applications.  ActiveEngine Software solutions provide an API via web services so that you can continue to re-use your investment in your enterprise software.

CMS Solutions with WordPress

People want to express themselves.  Despite the promise of enterprise applications like Microsoft Sharepoint, enabling publishing that easily facilitates knowledge sharing becomes elusive, as only those who are power users of PowerPoint and MS Word can truly take advantage of enterprise portals.  And even then, you need a staff to just create new pages.

WordPress is a great alternative.  Simply said, it’s quite easy to get a site up and running, and there are literally thousands of add-ons that can enhance it vast capability.  The ActiveEngine Software that you are reading now was built with WordPress, and these pages really showcase its flexability.

WordPress is a perfect platform for corporate libraries, knowledge bases, sales tools, project documentation, and customer support.  ActiveEngine can help you craft a solution for your sales teams using this great tool.

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